History, experience and reliablity are our values. 

A well-rounded service is available to you

A turn-key service

Our Company is specialised in the making of mixings suitable for any kind of specific application, even if our services go further. Not only we provide you with the best ingredients to make your products, but we also offer recipes to enhance them at their best and obtain the perfect end result, in addition to putting at your disposal the best machineries for production.  


Transport and logistics

The buying of semifinished ingredients and mixings in large amounts is more convenient indeed. But how is it possible to manage at the best their transfer and conservation? As far as transport of the bought ingredients is concerned, Macor makes dedicated vehicles available, thanks to a logistic controlled system which is efficient and detailed in the centre and north area. 

The loading and unloading of the goods is entirely at our charge. We manage ourselves the delivery without turning to couriers outside of the Company. 

Moreover, in case the customer does not have a sufficently big space to stock bought products, he/she can easily rely on our warehouses, which are constantly expanding. 

Besides having at their disposal a big space suitable for assuring an optimal conservation, we avoid further expenses for the stocking of your goods.


Technical and analytical support 

Our Company invests resources in a continuous way to improve the quality of products and services we provide. 

Each day, systematic quality tests guarantee the compliance with standards, and advanced traceability systemas allow to to know precisely the origin of ingredients and the distribution of each of our mixtures. 

The selection and control of raw materials, the monitoring of processes and the checking of end products are essential to offer high-quality products at competitive prices. For this reason, before putting on the market a certain product, we make a preliminary internal exam with immediate feedbacks (as, for example, the checking of any presence of gluten in ingredients destined to the gluten-free production), a screening to check the general quantity of the lot. Our specialised staff makes daily clinical and microbiological tests to check the required samples before proceeding to the order. For more specific exams, we turn to the most important Italian laboratories SINAL accredited.




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