About us

Macor di Trucazzano S.r.l.
belongs to the best Italian middle companies’ tradition.

For more than 40 years, our family company has been working on productions and packagings with efficiency, speed and realiability in the food sector. We are specialized in the filed of semifinished products and food ingredients for:

  • food industries,
  • bakery and patistry, 
  • gastronomy and delicatessen,
  • catering.

Quality and flexibility have always been our strengths

Macor has a consolidated experience in the production of semifinished products, blendingmillingpackaging and industrial cartoning. Our staff follows each client step by step, providing the ideal solution for any need. We offer key ingredients for all of your recipies, mainly made of powder and blended products. Macor allows you to buy dehydrated products in big quantities, for large-scale productions or, when necessary, even in minor quantities, making the customer’s investment more usable: a more practical management of the material in stock and a more restrained investment.

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