Our Mia and Prada brands distinguish our product lines primarly destined for professional use.

As a group, we have been operating as importers and distributors of potato flakes and derivatives for several decades: in this field, we have established relationships with the main European producers. In the sector of tea, chamomile and infusion, which we import directly from the countries of origin, we carry out a significant packaging activity. We are active in the trading of spices, aromatic herbs and dehydrated vegetables importing directly from the countries of origin, managing the selection process, treatments and the packaging. Moreover, we have a health authorization (IT 03 1512 CE) for the mixing and packaging of milk powder and derivatives.

All of our products are available also as organic

Potato flakes and derivates

Instant preparation
for gnocchi pasta and derivates

Starches and rice flowers

Milk and derivates

Egg product line

Consommé for condiments and flavourings for filling 

Spices and aromatic herbs

Dehydrated vegetables


Packed products

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